Welcome to the Web page of ANDEAN KAYAK PERU. From 1985, we are the specialists in everything what they are adventure sports, in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the planet where to make them: The Titicaca Lake.
We offer the unique and privileged opportunity to discover the legendary Lake Titicaca proposing to you Tours in sea kayak, far from most of the classic tourist routes, complete adventure in this water mirror between Peru and Bolivia. Trekking in kayak allows to him in order to enjoy the total serenity that tries the vast horizon of the Plateau that is border by the Mountain range Real and Apolobamba. The experience of navigation from authenticates peninsula of Capachica for the Island of Taquile or the unusual floating islands Uros does not have comparison in their memories of their trip to the Andes traverse.

Our privileged base is located right on the tip of the Capachica Peninsula, which protrudes into Lake Titicaca across from the islands of Taquile and Amantani­. All of our tours start here; a beautiful and authentic place which we invite you to discover in a unique manner that will make you feel privileged.

You can choose different tours in the Peru between the attractive that we offer to you. If you like tours of adventure and ecotourism, Peru offers variety of tours for your trip from classic, cultural, adventure, ecological and rural tourism. Cusco the city Inca, where you explore the vestiges of Machupicchu, Choquequirao, Sacred Valley or walk by the Inca Trail; Lima, the City of the Kings, visiting the Gold Museum and the Museum of Silver or the Temple of Pachacamac; make flights on the Lines of Nazca and visiting the Islands Ballestas; discovering the Amazonian forest, navegating by the Titicaca Lake in Puno. You make contact with the flora and fauna of the forest of the Amazon of Peru. Arequipa, the White city, waits for you with its attractives like the Monastery Santa Catalina, the Canyon of Colca in order to observe the flight of the condores. We invite to visit, where you find all these options of tours in Peru.